New release for windows.
Inculdes new installer and updated gtk libs.
Includes fix for windows specific midi input failure.
Please be kind and report any problems.

First release of win32 version.

Ctrl-Z Undos.
Ctrl + Select Adds to Selection.
Window Raise on Edit.
Clipboard shared among editors.
Items remain selected after edit.
Can now 'paint' notes / events in editor.
Paste buffer doesn't clear.
Added new rc file for custom named ports and CC codes (see example in tar).
Keypress Start (space) and Stop (escape).
Shift + Middle Mouse will now stretch events over range.

Seq24 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I build seq24 on OS X ?
Seq24 uses ALSA for midi input and output. Since ALSA has not yet been ported to OS X, neither has seq24. There are no plans to include OS X's native midi library.

Why doesn't seq24 have this feature ?
Maybe because no one ever suggested it or because it wasn't needed before. If your interested in a feature being added, let us know what your looking to do. Please use seq24-feature-request[at] for feature requests.

Other Questions
Please search the seq24-users archives before emailing. Please post your questions to that list as well.